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Gulworthy Parish Council

Information on major repair works to Gunnislake bridge

You may be aware but Gunnislake Bridge requires permanent repairs following a huge tree impact earlier in the year. We have also been working on a protection system for the bridge cutwaters to prevent the tree impacts causing damage in the future.The system we are going to use is to fit steel nosings to each of the cutwater points that will fit over the stones. This protection requires listed building consent and as such we have been making a case for their fitting, obviously from the Parishes perspective the disruption is the major issue and we would hope these protectors would at least alleviate the issues caused by debris in the water. I have submitted a road closure application for the 2nd of September until the 6th of September 2024 utilising the same system we used last time when we carried out emergency stabilisation works i:e closing the road at 09:30 until 15:30 each day and walking pedestrians through the site with a gateman. Although the works will take longer than a week, we will be able to work off the road in the water for most of it, our contractor has devised a floating pontoon system made from barrels with a tower scaffold attached which will be manoeuvred into place from the upstream bank. This is the only way we can work safely at that point of the bridge with the water being so deep. I will attach a map of the diversion route although we wouldn’t use quite as many signs, a drawing of the steel nosings we plan to instal and a drawing of the pontoon system. The dates I have gone for have taken into consideration the 3 month notice period required for planned works on the highway but as I am sure you appreciate this work will be dependent on safe water levels and the actual start date may need to be changed to take advantage of the safest conditions.

Bridge Inspector South (Bridges & Structures),

Engineering Design Group

Devon County Council

4th June 2024