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Gulworthy Parish Council
Entrance to Gulworthy Cemetery

Gulworthy Cemetery

In 1994 the land now used for the purpose of the cemetery was given to Gulworthy Parish Council by John and Priscilla Gillett. It was their instruction that the land was to be used for the sole purpose of a cemetery. 

The Parish Council acts as the Burial Authority and has the legal responsibility for administration and maintenance of the cemetery. Accordingly, all fees charged for use of the cemetery are directed towards this purpose. Such income is placed in a separate fund, managed by the Parish Council, and strictly reserved for maintenance and capital expenditure relating to the cemetery and for the future purchase of additional burial land. It is the intention of the Parish Council to run the cemetery to a high standard without incurring a financial burden which would become the responsibility of the Local Authority and the Community Charge payer.

The regulations are drawn up by the Parish Council acting as the Burial Authority. There is no presumption that these regulations are totally definitive and it is the belief of the Parish Council that people will use the cemetery respectfully and with due regard for the sensibilities of other parishioners. However, the Parish Council reserves the right to amend these regulations whenever it deems necessary and such amendments will be considered to be retrospective where appropriate. In accordance with current 'Best Practice', all fees, charges and regulations relating to the parish cemetery are subject to annual review. All applications for the purchase of graves, burials, the interment of ashes and the installation of headstones and memorial tablets or any such fees payable must be made to the Burial Clerk of Gulworthy Parish Council.