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Financial help from the Nicholas Watts Trust

Nicholas Watts Trust can give financial help

When a lot of people are facing financial cutbacks help is available through the generosity of a wealthy Tavistock man who died over 300 years ago having made his fortune by being a textile dealer and latterly in his life manufacturing 'dowlas'. Mr. Nicholas Watts, in his Will dated 1674, created a permanent endowment for the residents of Tavistock. Over the years the properties and land have been sold and the funds invested to produce income. With the help of the Charity Commission the Scheme for administering these funds have been updated to provide for present day needs. These funds have now been divided into two separate funds – Brownsdon Estate and the Tremayne Estate.

The Tremayne Fund

The Tremayne fund helps people who live in Tavistock.  They can be male or female and of any age. The award if sanctioned by the Trustees is for personal use. Last year the amount allocated to each Applicant amounted to £350.00, but this amount may be amended depending on the number of Applicants and their required needs, as only the income of this fund can be distributed.

The Brownsdon Fund

The Brownsdon fund helps men who reside in Devon preference being given to the residents of Tavistock.  In the past this fund was used to help owner/occupiers to carry out repairs to their property but latterly owing to the level of applicants, the Trustees have awarded monies for other purposes which have included decorating, purchase of washing machine, carpets, furniture etc. The money awarded by the Trustees is not paid to the Applicant but to the trades person or to the person supplying the service. Some of the awards have in the past amounted between £200.00 to £5,000.00.

In addition there is an award of up to £1,500.00 set aside from the Brownsdon Estate to enable a male resident in Devon who has received their Junior/Senior education in the Tavistock. This award is to assist with his further education who through hardship or poverty require assistance to further his education or vocational training.

How to apply

Applicants for any of the above awards will be required to write to the Clerk: Mr David Casley at Hardstone Bungalow, Dunterton, Tavistock PL19 0QJ requesting an Application Form.

Application for all of these awards will be means tested and a visit will be arranged by a Trustee.